Wine and Olive Oil from southern Luberon.

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The Wine Cellar

The wine store combines modernity with tradition.


The wine-making and the breeding takes place in the wine store, equipped in the 1990’s with a stainless steel vat room and temperature control devices.

The total capacity of the vat is 1600HL, half of which is used for the red wine production, the other half for the white and the rosé.

Vatting is carried out using revolving systems, thus preserving the integrity of the grape.. (elevating tubs, transfer mat….)

The wine is chilled (an essential part of the maceration process) by placing cold portable radiators (still called « flags ») into the centre of the dregs or the fermenting juices.

Bottling takes place on the Estate. A specialist leaves his material at our disposal, which guarantees optimal hygiene and conditioning conditions.


Once bottled, the wine is “taken down” to the Estate’s vaulted cellars in the village centre, next to the wine store. It is then stored here until the marketing is done.

Naturally, these cellars present an excellent thermal inertia which secures ideal preserving conditions, even during the hottest summer hours.

It is also in these cellars that we preserve the olive oil and some wine aged in barrels.