Wine and Olive Oil from southern Luberon.

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The Olive Groves

The Vaudois Estate has 5 hectares of olive trees (about one thousand trees), planted some ten years ago (the majority of the Aglandau variety, some Cayon and Bouteillan trees).

Since May 2009 the entire olive grove has been converting to organic farming methods. It will however only benefit with the “Organic Farming” label from the 2013 harvest (the reglemented delay).

The olives are hand-picked in November; they are then transported to the mill to be pressed. The mill allocates us a compartment , which means our olives are not mixed with others and we can guarantee the produced oil comes uniquely from our olives.

Depending on the year, between 5 and 7 kg of olives are required to make one litre of oil.

The olive tree, for that matter, has a very varied production from one year to the next; it is known for it’s alternation, hence we talk of “olive years” and “ non olive years”.

The olives are pressed cold to give an extra virgin oil with a very pronounced character, typical of the fruity green (an ardent oil with a touch of artichoke). Our production conditions notably guarantee a maximum 4 day delay between the recolt and the trituration. This mechanical extraction process has a temperature inferior to 30°C and no adjuvant is used to make the oil extraction easier.

Our olive oil marries well with strong tasting salad (like the mesclun, mache, pissenlit….) or with dry cheese.

Olive oil

Variété :
Olive oil from olives in the process of becoming "Organic Farming" certified by Qualité France SAS FR BIO 10.
Olive variety : Aglandau (90%)
Fruity Green Olive Oil.
Rressing :
First cold pressing