Wine and Olive Oil from southern Luberon.

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The grape varieties

Red variety


Red variety, typical of the Cotes du Rhone, used alot in Provence.
Gives an ageing wine, very colourful red-fruity aroma with a distinct violet perfume.

Black Grenache

Red variety giving a strong wine, fruity and deeply coloured.
Adapts to chalky ground, dry and stoney.
Gives an ageing wine, well structured and aromatic.

White variety

White Ugni

A variety cultivated for a very long time in Provence.
Adds a lively touch and a slight acidity which enhances certain too smooth varieties.

White Grenache

Vigorous variety, intermediate maturity. Adapts to chalky ground.
Gives quite lively white wines, with little acidity, round and long on the palate.
Naturally very rich in sugar (the basis in the production of sweet wine).


Ancient white variety, having nearly disappeared during the Phylloxera period.
Gives an excellent quality wine, oily, soft going on unctuous, a very fine wine, very perfumed.

The Clairette

White variety, very vigorous, liking sparce grounds.
Gives unctuous wines with flowery aromas, fine and complex.

The distribution of vine varieties in the vineyard (surface percentage)

  • SYRAH : 44%
  • WHITE UGNI : 12%
  • VIOGNIER : 5%
  • CLAIRETTE : 2%