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Personal data protection

Conforming to this same Law (« Computing and Liberty » n° 78-17 from the 6th January 1978 in relation to computing, files and liberties), we bind ourselves to inform those who furnish registered data on our website, in particular of their right of access and of rectification on registered data. We bind ourselves to take all the necessary precautions in order to keep the information secure and in particular to prevent any deformation, damage or leaks.

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Editorial rules and links with other websites.

The Vaudois Estate binds itself, as the on-line editor, to watch over minors, to avoid attacking law, liberty and personal dignity, and to inform the reader of the editorial nature of the proposed content. The website can contain hypertext links which give access to other edited websites and run by parties other than the Vaudois Estate. The latter cannot be held either directly or indirectly responsible should the said websites not respect the legal and regulated dispositions, as much french as european, in effect or coming into effect, as well as the consequences of this non-respect.

Responsability, exclusion of garantee.

The Vaudois Estate has placed all its expertise in the choice and in the diffusion of the information contained in the website. However, this information is communicated for information only and the Vaudois Estate cannot be held responsible. The information can be brought up to date or modified without prior warning. This in particular concerns the information on the legislation and the rules applied to the trade and to the sphere of competence on the Vaudois Estate, in the measure that their evolution is linked to the intervention of the legislative reforms, the Vaudois Estate will endeavour to update the website as and when this evolves.


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